I wonder as I wander once more

Lessons from my daughter #20. 

Our little family went on an adventure this week. Hubs’ best mate since primary school and best man at our wedding came down the coast to visit and to meet Miss L. Scotty G is one of those true blue Aussie blokes from a bygone era before men wore skinny jeans and top knots and grew designer beards. He spins a wild yarn, his religion is fishing and he spends his free time camping off road and off the grid. Best of all, he brings out the adventurer in Hubs. 

Anyway, Scotty stayed the night and on Monday morning I had a to-do list a mile long but it only took me a second to throw the plans out the window. It was a beautiful morning, the kind of morning that just compels you to be outside and so the four of us took off. Scotty, ever the outdoorsman, wore his wide brimmed straw hat, Hubs borrowed my Dad’s sweat stained Akubra, Miss L wore her denim cap and I had my white visor that Hubs says makes me look like a tennis player but has enough room for my crazy unbrushed hair. That’s as organised as we got, the rest was all spontaneous. 

There was a vague plan to walk to the lighthouse and although we started in that direction it wasn’t long before we were wandering along every detour and backroad that took our fancy. I had hoped that Miss L would nod off in her little pouch on my back but she was far too interested in the ocean and rockpools and crabs and fish and shells to sleep for long. I’ve always loved exploring the rocky outcrops on the way to the lighthouse but seeing it through my daughter’s bright eyes as if for the first time was something else altogether. Oh what I would have missed if I had stuck to The Plan for the day!

I went wandering this week. I went wandering and the sky didn’t fall down, the earth didn’t crack open and time didn’t stop. We did get sunburned and a little dehydrated and we missed morning tea but everyone survived. In fact, everyone thrived. 

Our little family is about to go wandering on a brand new adventure. Hubs and I have decided to throw caution to the wind and start our own business. It’s been a tiny seed of an idea for many years but now, with The Plan in tatters anyway, we have nothing to lose. I am cautiously optimistic and secretly excited. I want to plot and to plan and to make a colour coded spreadsheet but I am trying to let it evolve naturally. Actually, to tell the whole truth, I started a spreadsheet this afternoon but Miss L figured out she could reach the keyboard on her tippy toes while I was typing and that plan went out the window too. 

I do not know what life will look like on the other side of this particular wander but I know that there is no one I would rather go adventuring with than Hubs and our fearless Miss L. 

I would love to know, where are the unexpected places your wandering has taken you?


6 thoughts on “I wonder as I wander once more

  1. Rex Bee says:

    I was headed to Stratford-upon-Avon and ended up on a speed boat exploring Lake Windermere with new friends I met on the way. One of my best spontaneous detours ever.

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  2. Larissa says:

    How wonderful, I’m definitely more of a wanderer by nature, and it is still always nice to just go out without a plan and explore. I love the surprising treasures you can find in these times. How exciting about a new business venture! My husband and I actually did the same thing last year and are slowly on the way to making it our full time thing. I hope you have every success and it’s a beautiful time of your lives.

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