Boots and all

Lessons from my daughter #23. 
Miss L is learning to walk. Actually, I should say she is teaching herself to walk because I have precious little to do with it. As with all things so far, this determined little girl has made up her mind and thrown her whole self into the challenge. There are no tentative first steps or hesitant shuffles, she simply holds onto our hands and stretches her foot out as far as it will go. Stomp! Down comes that foot with a vengeance, along comes the next foot and then she’s ready to go again. 

My Dad brought home personality tests from work last night and of course we all had to take a turn. It was no surprise that mine tuned up terms such as organised, methodical, independent, diplomatic, decisive and doesn’t like change. In fact, it even specifically said to give me plenty of personal space! Hubs came in with easy going, entertaining, affirmative, works well in a group and rebellious against authority, which gave us all a good laugh. We are opposites in so many areas. Where Hubs is loud, I am reserved. Where he is unfiltered, I am controlled. Where he is chaotic, I am precise. Where he leaps, I step carefully. This makes the idea of going into business with each other genius or absolutely crazy!

And we are in, boots and all. In the past I would have liked to dip a toe in and test the water but circumstances do not allow for that this time. Hubs has had difficulty finding full time work close to home and my librarian opportunities all seemed to end in closed doors. So Hubs has quit his job and we are working from home on a little patisserie to operate from the local farmer’s markets. This week so far we have ordered our signage and advertising, a couple thousand dollars worth of stock, put a tow ball on our car and I turned down a very belated offer from a library in order to keep the books and manage the paperwork for our business. Yes, boots and all. I am exhilarated and terrified all in one.  

I’m not the kind to leap. I guess I always knew that but watching Miss L practice walking has confirmed it. I may never be comfortable taking the giant, solid steps that my daughter and husband tend to take but I am in awe of them. They have no fear. They will try over and over and over. They will commit and then figure out a way to make it work. They will jump right into the thick of things without hesitation and they learn to adapt so much faster and better than I. So here I am, leaping into the great unknown with my little family. Wish me luck!

I’d love to know, what is the greatest risk you have taken and did it pay off?


2 thoughts on “Boots and all

  1. Rex Bee says:

    I married an Australian, moved from my small town in California to a beachside rental in Coffs Harbour, had six kids and 34 years later I have to say yes, it worked. Finding the good pathway through has always been my pleasure. God bless you on your family journey.

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