How the weeks have flown by! And how did one missed blog turn into three?

Rather than the usual instalment of ‘lessons from my daughter’ I thought I would just post a news bulletin tonight and then flesh it out over the coming weeks. 

  • Happy Easter! This is one of my favourite times of the year, not just because of the extra long weekend or the wonderful Easter message of hope for all or even the change of season with warm days and cosy nights but because it signals the beginning of birthday celebrations in our family. I hope you and your family are enjoying this weekend together. 
  • Miss L has taken her first full trip around the sun and turned one! I thought I would be more emotional about this and shed a few tears over the loss of my baby but I was just so excited to see her running around and ripping into presents and scoffing down her first ever piece of cake that I forgot to be sad at all!
  • I saw my cardiologist and he was amazed at how good things are looking heart wise. He actually said he would never have expected this swift a recovery and, although I still have a long way to go, the improvement has been vast. The area that split open has healed completely, the stent has all but disappeared and I have been allowed to halve my medication. Hooray!
  • Our new little business participated in our very first market day and we have been accepted to join the local farmer’s markets on a weekly basis. We’re also looking at leasing some commercial space in order to expand operations. 
  • I’m approaching the one year mark since my SCAD and I’m really not sure how to feel or what to do. It is overwhelming to think of how much life has changed in just 12 short months and yet there is a part of me that struggles to remember a time before this. Some ups and downs ahead, me thinks.

And that’s all she wrote… for now. 


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