Best laid plans

Lessons from my daughter #28.  We joined the ranks of co-sleepers a little while ago and I haven't wanted to admit it. Whenever I do, it is usually followed by a disclaimer like, 'It wasn't by choice' or 'It's only going to be during winter time' or 'It's because of the meds I have to … Continue reading Best laid plans

Embrace life

Tonight is my one year SCADiversary. In many ways it feels like a first birthday, as if one year ago I┬ástarted back at the very beginning of life. And, in many ways, I have. There are days where I actually forget that my life has ever been different, that there were many mornings in the … Continue reading Embrace life


How the weeks have flown by! And how did one missed blog turn into three? Rather than the usual instalment of 'lessons from my daughter' I thought I would just post a news bulletin tonight and then flesh it out over the coming weeks.  Happy Easter! This is one of my favourite times of the … Continue reading Meanwhile…

Toddler steps

Lessons from my daughter #27.  Over the last few weeks I have wondered why baby steps are called baby steps. By the time a baby starts to walk they really stop looking like a baby and those first steps walk them straight into toddlerhood. Or at least, that is so in Miss L's case.  Our … Continue reading Toddler steps

Do it

Lessons from my daughter #26.  Miss L is one determined little girl. Most of the time she is so cheerful and content that it is easy to forget about her strong willed nature. But it has been this strong will on display more and more recently. One of her new phrases is 'do it'. Food, … Continue reading Do it

Chapter books

Lessons from my daughter #24.  So we are toilet training! I can assure you this was not my idea or Hubs'. We've both really made a point not to push Miss L into anything too soon or get dragged into some milestone race against the parents of kids we've never even met. But here we … Continue reading Chapter books

Boots and all

Lessons from my daughter #23.  Miss L is learning to walk. Actually, I should say she is teaching herself to walk because I have precious little to do with it. As with all things so far, this determined little girl has made up her mind and thrown her whole self into the challenge. There are … Continue reading Boots and all