Honour thy father…

Lessons from my baby daughter #3.

My husband hasn’t changed too many nappies and of those he has changed, Hubs tells me that seven have been Number Twos. Yes, seven. I think they were likely the seven days I was in CCU but I wisely hold my tongue. He speaks of each one as though it were a traumatic, life changing event. I, on the other hand, have lost count of the times I have had poo in my hair, on my sleeve and under my nails. I am beginning to believe Miss L knows exactly what she is doing and has a secret pact with her Dadda.
Truly though, I can’t begrudge Hubs the clean nappies and powder fresh cuddles. He has been through enough.

We sat down to dinner at about 7pm on the night of April 18 with my brother and sister at the table and Miss L sleeping soundly in her bassinet. Hubs had made moussaka and there was a lovely bottle of red to share. I had taken two bites and felt as if the knife had leapt off the table and stabbed me in the chest. There was enough time to say, “chest pain, chest pain” to Hubs before I was struggling to breathe. As far as I remember I never lost consciousness and I can still hear his eerily calm voice telling my siblings to call the ambulance and lay me down on the couch. Then he slapped me over the face and told me to keep breathing no matter what. And I did.

Two days later, on my 32nd birthday, he wheeled me down the hall on my first unsupervised trip to the bathroom. He helped me change blood soaked maternity pads and held my heart monitor in one hand and the shower head in the other as I tried to wash around all the wires. And he made me smile the whole way through. I remember tearfully apologising at one point and saying, “I know this isn’t what you signed up for.” His reply was without hesitation, “This is exactly what I signed up for.”

For all his faults and farts and unforgivable jokes, Hubs is the best man I know. I love, honour and cherish him more now than ever before and it will be my privilege to make sure our daughter does the same.

Happy anniversary my love, here’s to the next nine years!


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