Chapter books

Lessons from my daughter #24. 
So we are toilet training! I can assure you this was not my idea or Hubs’. We’ve both really made a point not to push Miss L into anything too soon or get dragged into some milestone race against the parents of kids we’ve never even met. But here we are sitting in the bathroom with a 10 month old cheering ‘push, push, push!’

It all started a week ago today. My Lovely Mum had the idea to sit Miss L on the little toilet seat she had in storage from the last round of grandkids. We put it together, popped her bare bottom on top and plonked her favourite book on her lap. To tell the truth I thought of it as a photo opportunity more than anything until all of a sudden, PLOP! Sure enough, she had a little red frowny face and there was the evidence filling up the toilet bowl. I was so surprised I almost forgot to cheer. Surely it was a fluke. But after lunch Miss L did her business again, right on schedule. In fact, every day this week she has sat happily on that toilet, reading her book and making splashes and letting me know when she’s ready to get off. Don’t get me wrong, we have had a couple of epic fails, one of which involved squelchy poo between my toes and little pieces of recycled corn in the shower but overall it’s been pretty easy. 

I love books. Have I told you that yet? With my first chapter book at age eight I began a love affair that has seen me through all the highs and lows of life, been my solace, my joy and even determined my career. When I reach the final page there is a refrain, a little like a sustained note on the piano, where I cling desperately to the literary world I am in willing reality to hold off just a little bit longer. But with motherhood you see, for every new beginning there is also a chapter that ends, a chapter that you can never re-read. Miss L has stoped looking for her very last bottle in the evening before bed and is, for the most part, happy to drift off to sleep on her own. She is needing me less and less, as she should. 

Perhaps this is a bittersweet stage for all Mummas, I don’t know. I am so incredibly blessed to have a healthy, happy little girl who is progressing and learning and loving life but I am also sad. All the new achievements come with a sharp little reminder that she is growing up and leaving babyhood behind. I don’t let myself say ‘next time’ or ‘with the next one I’ll…’ because I just don’t know if there will be a next one. I never planned to raise an only child but that may very well be our reality. As with so much surrounding SCAD events, there are no guarantees for the future. It makes me cherish each precious second but sometimes makes me mourn the passing of time as well. 

Miss L is forging onwards at a determined pace. Her little world is growing bigger and brighter each day and I am so privileged to be a part of it all. And if I have a few tears in private, well my heart will hold up just fine. 

I’d love to know, what was your favourite chapter with your little ones?


7 thoughts on “Chapter books

  1. Rex Bee says:

    The passing of time is both bitter and sweet and seems to speed up the older I get. When asked what his favourite stage was when raising his two girls, cousin Don said with each stage he thought it couldn’t possibly get any better than this. But then it did and each stage was just the ‘best ever’. I have learned to remember the past fondly, look forward to the future with hope and deeply cherish the very moment I am in as if it’s the ‘best ever’. One of my ‘chapter over’ moments was when we moved back to the coast after 3 years of country living and my six kids argued over which beach we should all go to. Gone were the days when I could say “let’s go to the beach” and they all said “yippee”. But the new chapter was they were capable of swimming and surfing on their own. Smile and be content and thankful for today. xx

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